Paul received the government of god for the church. He was entrusted the government, meaning, he was to take charge over it, he would rule over it. In short, he would be ruler in the government of god in the church. Meaning, the head of the church.

Col 1:24 Who now rejoice in my sufferings for you, and fill up that which is behind of the afflictions of Christ in my flesh for his body’s sake, which is the church:

Col 1:25 Whereof I am made a minister, according to THE “OIKONOMIA’ OF GOD WHICH IS GIVEN TO ME for you, to fulfil the word of God;

Notice the words in emphasis. Paul was given the “oikonomia” of god.

What is “oikonomia”?

I will use strongs numbers 1890 to define it. here it is:

G3622  oikonomia  oy-kon-om-ee’-ah
from G3623;
administration (of a household or estate); specially, a (religious) “economy”.

As we can see, “oikonomia” has no other definition than administration. Meaning paul received the administration of god.

How reliable is the greek dictionary I used?

Here is a foreword:

Strong’s numbers

for ScrTR

Adapted from Robinsons (Scrivener Textus Receptus 1894)

A Strong’s number is an (index) number which refers to a Lemma in the Strong’s Lexicon.

James Strong numbered every Hebrew or Greek root word which was found, for ease of reference for his Exhaustive Concordance, first published in 1890.

That speaks about the greek dictionary I used. It is as old as 1890 of james strong’s exhaustive concordance, thus, it is a reliable dictionary we have for the greek bible.

As we can see, oikonomia is defined only as administration and not as stewardship or dispensation which other English translation used. So conclusively, it is the only meaning preferred for oikonomia, the one given for paul.

Therefore Col 1:25 speaks of the administration of god given to paul.

What is administration of god?

Comparatively, when we say, administration of duterte, it is synonymous as saying the government of duterte. Conclusively, the administration of god is the government of god.

ad•min•is•tra•tion [əd mìnnə stráysh’n]

(plural ad•min•is•tra•tions)







6.  government: a government, especially its executive branch

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If the government of god was given to paul, it only means one thing, he was entrusted the government. Conclusively as a ruler, the head of the government.

Peter’s primacy is not mentioned during this time. Catholics claim that peter was the head as much as he received the keys of heaven cannot be proven as perpetual. Was he higher than paul? It cannot be proven.

Does having the keys of heaven, makes someone higher than the one entrusted with the government. It cannot be, as that someone entrusted the government is logically the highest in position.

How come?

Bec he was entrusted with the government.

Conclusively, having the keys of heaven doesn’t make one as the highest in position, bec if that is so, then there would be two leader.

It cannot be proven, that having the keys would put one in the highest position.

Peter was in the highest position initially bec he was the one authorized to feed the sheep and not bec he received the keys. But there is no proof that peter’s primacy continued. Logically, the one entrusted with the government is the one in the highest position.

How come?

Bec he was entrusted with the government! Therefore paul was the highest in position over the church during his time.


1COR7:17  but as god hath distributed to every man as the Lord has called everyone so let him walk AND SO ORDAIN I IN ALL CHURCHES….

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