Good day folks, I’m here obliged as my christian duty to interfere with your thoughts regarding the rape scandal of Bro Eli Soriano to at least impart my 2cent worth thought, that for the purpose of justice might mitigate any bad impression you have for him. Please folks, what i would divulge is already public knowledge in MCGI which most of you might have overlooked but as necessary should have aroused your critical thinking for a logical consideration–Puto’s sexual perversion on some church members.

It was alleged that Bro Eli raped Puto but is that actually a close to real scenario? Dauntless, his alleged victim confessed of raping numerous boys in his homosexual immersion of lust. Here is his handwritten disclosure:

Translating it says: i have committed a great offense to the following boys (he enumerated names)…i have done to them lascivousness and i promise not to do it again…. I have misappropriated part of the financial income of AMS for personal use…I’m asking for your forgiveness… I hope that I will be retained and still continue (as a member of the church).

After sometime, he then goes roughly on his pursuit for a rape charges against Bro Eli.

But does that make any rape allegation true?

For the critical thinker, it is highly a consideration to ponder on the nature of the letter. Firstly, it indicates a moral scrutiny on its tone how it sounded down-to-earth confession and personally submissive to have begged himself for a second chance. Is that sounding like someone who was really raped, ravaged against his will to still recognized the binding power of the leader having yet respect for him as his “sugo” by the fact that he was begging for another more chance? Does that look like someone raped? Rape is rape bec its against ones will, but how come Puto was yet submissive? Then, suddenly, after sometime he became rough by imputing rape charges at the expense of his previous appeal–his appeal for a second chance. Sounds suspicious. Was he at this moment been under the influence of our rival church, INC? Not to diminish the fact, that in summary offense, he was the real rapist.

Should we have not second thought if indeed this man was really raped?

On personal note, i would say, asking for second chance is a hint of a good impression he have upon Bro Eli. On the account of being a believer, he recognized him as a true spiritual leader by his submission for a second chance thus weakening any possibility of rape.

This is just my opinion.

But for the rest, is there credibility for this man knowing that he confessed of doing homosexual rape on some church members?

Without bias, your thought should have been on the positive. Bro eli did not rape anyone–or least to say, wronged anyone!


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