Firstly, the dead sea scrolls containing biblical manuscripts has the masoretic text, a word format as a substitute for the original biblical hebrew text of pure consonants. Though in voweled form, the masoretic text retained the original name of god, yod he waw he, or as transliterated in Latin was YHWH, the tetragrammaton, in its original form. Its a consonantal word having no vowels in it thus it cannot be pronounced or rather, it has no certain pronunciation. The dead sea scrolls preserved this traditional use of the tetragrammaton, a four consonantal word, even in the masoretic text of the scrolls as a sign to show that its pronunciation was lost. An example below:

Fact is, even proponents of the term Jehovah accede to this reality that pronunciation of YHWH was from uncertain derivations, meaning, nobody really knows the right pronunciation.

The term Jehovah is a Latinized translation from the tetragrammaton. The problem is, how could it be possible that an incomplete word missing vowels, pure consonants in origin, and much so without certain pronunciation could be translatable to Latin or even to any language around? It cannot possibly be. That as a premise did I come to the conclusion that Jehovah as a name of God is wrong.

Having no established pronunciation, much so an incomplete word, how could you certify therefore any translation for it?

Or if Jehovah is a pronunciation of YHWH, How could it be certain when there is no certain pronunciation?


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