Islamic jurisprudence put women in an inferior state regarding their rights as witnesses as two women is acceptable as witnesses whereas one is unacceptable due to their alleged mental deficiency. Men on the other hand are unaffected by such bias wherein one man is equivalent to two women in terms of being court witnesses so as Islam have sanctioned. So clearly, there is bias. Though women are less intelligent than men on average scale but women has better memory than men thus women are more eligible witnesses as memory is the effective medium for being witnesses. Witnessing is not about intelligence such as deductive and logical reasoning but solely so on memory ability. Women are superior than men in this case, that is, on memory ability so why does Islam put women in an inferior state than men when it comes to witnessing? Its clear bias.

Here is their argument:

In contrast, medical study has placed women in a superior state over men in terms of memory as it say:

Women do have better memories than men, says study

Published Wed 9 Nov 2016

It is official. Women have better memories than men. In a study published in the journal Menopause, women aged 45-55 years performed better in all memory measures, despite experiencing a decline around the menopause.

[men and women brain]
Throughout life, women appear to have better memories than men.

About 75 percent of people experience memory problems as they get older. Causes include dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Women are more likely to be affected by AD and dementia than men.

As women reach menopause, they also struggle with forgetfulness and “brain fog,” and for some, this memory depletion continues after menopause. Some researchers have found that women have difficulty with verbal fluency at these times, too.

Nevertheless, women with healthy aging brains continue to have an edge over their male counterparts when it comes to memory function, even in midlife and older age.

Indeed, some studies suggest that, even from childhood, women outperform men in memory tasks. This is especially true of verbal memory. The difference becomes more significant just after puberty, and it continues into adulthood.

Research has suggested that verbal and associative aspects of memory are more likely to be impaired than nonverbal function as people get older.

It also seems that people who experience problems with verbal memory before the age of 50 years are more likely to face additional cognitive impairments after the age of 65 years.

Clearly, bias in Islam is established through this reality, women has better memory than men thus they are more effective witnesses than men but why are they prejudiced to be inferior when it comes to witnessing?
Simply, bec Allah has no real cognition about court procedures in relation to medical science. In short, Allah is ignorant.


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