Dear Medical personalities,

I am Dennis Butic and with all sincerity, I don’t have any issue regarding any specific Medical practice/doctor but only with regards to my initial observation, fractional in terms of integral medical truth if so that there is a bigger reality than my observation. I had been a TB patient in the past. I underwent 6 month medication. Medicine intake was basically not a problem though the meds I took, though I cannot remember how it tasted, was probably has bitter under taste, but being adult, it posed no obstacle with the willing mind for recuperation. But that is, on my case, an adult but how about for a 4year old kid diagnosed with TB with regards to meds bitter taste?

Let me give some details. My pamangkin has recurring cough. Diagnosed with TB through blood examination. We didnt have a 2nd opinion from another doctor which my parents neglected. We should have as examination have discrepancies between different Medical apparatus as I experienced with x-ray.  Nevertheless, they prescribed 4 kinds of medicine. 2 syrup, 5ml each one hour before meal and one syrup and one tablet (to be pulverized and mixed with water) after meal. Initially, the intake went smoothly for 4days but afterwards, even with tactical coaxing, he only drank the 3syrup but resisted and consistently spit out the tablet due to its bitter taste, unpalatable for a kid his age. Without the mentality of recuperation, endurance and a willing mind, med intake is futile.

Here are the medicine:

  • One hour before meal are: ISONIAZID and RIFAMPICIN
  • After meal are: PYRAZINAMIDE and ETHAMBUTOL (bitter tablet)

Here is the prescription sheet:

As I said, I have no issue with the doctor. I posted the prescription for credibility. And as I said, this is just a fractional observation. If there is no other way to cure an infant’s TB, (which I don’t know if there are, I should have asked a doctor but couldn’t) whose fault is it if my pamangkin gets worse bec of med intake failure? The chemist who cannot make child-friendly tablets, the doctor who have no alternative child-friendly tablets/meds for prescription, or the medical world unsophisticated standard quality?

If there are alternative for cure such as a child-friendly replacement drug, I would say, the doctor lacks empathy and she was careless or she is an ignorant doctor. Nevertheless, if she knew there was an alternative child-friendly drug yet she chooses a hostile to the palate drug, which consequently bec of intake failure would make the condition worse, I would say, it is a medical malpractice or if not, then I’m an idiot!

The question is, Are there no alternative for the bitter pill?

The second question is, are the chemist idiots to make bitter pills for kids which are wasted bec of improbable intake?

Lastly, I wanted to reiterate, this article is due to fractional observation!

Sincerely Yours,



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