Demolition propaganda against Eli Soriano, mcgi’s head minister, is prevalent online. One of such is the concept of luxury wherein they disclosed his mansion in Brazil while they say, we members, mostly, have houses of worship that languished in poor and unsophisticated low cost housing–denigrating it as mere pig pens. Here is a report:

The dark Secrets of Vatican and Other Religions

Eli Soriano’s mansion in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Apparently, Eliseo Soriano bought a mansion in Santa Catarina Island in Brazil. This is the house and the report from this website. It is in Portugese so go ahead and translate it on babelfish.altavista.com.


Daily Catarinense – 26.08.07 – Has detached
Vehicle: Daily Catarinense
Date: 26.08.07
Editoria: Prominence
Phillipino chooses SC for world-wide headquarters of church
Base is in the Island
One of the religious leader greaters of the Phillipino chose in Florianópolis as housing and base of launching for the South America of the church that already it commands in five continents. It is from there, of the North of the Island of Santa Catarina, that the Phillipino Eliseo Soriano, 60 years, leads a net of more than 3 million followers spread for Asia, Europe, Oceania, Africa and North America.
Brother Eli, as it is known, is installed next to centrinho to International Jurerê, the three blocks of the sea. Together with it, is about integrant others 20 of the Members Church of God International (Members of the Church of International God). The property of five suítes is evaluated in approximately R$ 2,5 million, value that would have been spent for the purchase of the property. The neighbors describe them as likeable, but reserved.
Boarded for the news article of the Daily Catarinense, one of the occupants of the house, little more than 20 years, said, in English, who had come to Brazil the tourism and that he was with its uncle. Asked for Soriano, first it affirmed that it did not know it and not wise person who age. Later, when the team of the DC touched the bell of the house, the inhabitants they wanted to know the reason of the interest for Soriano, since it is not known in Brazil, and who had informed the periodical on the presence of them.
Defendant in Porto Alegre for the Phillipino, Jamil Abdo, lawyer of Soriano, explained, for telephone, that the group, at the moment, does not intend to speak with the press because not yet it has real notion of market, language and customs of Brazil.
Land in the North of the investigated Island to host temple
Leader of one of the more popular protestant churches of its native country, Eliseo Soriano is in the city since December of the last year. Already he has company consisting in the country and plans if to establish in definitive in Florianópolis launching its church in Brazil and, from there, all the South America.
– It is clearly that this demand investment in marketing. For the style of the Church of God, it goes also to deal with radio and TV – Abdo comments.
Soriano currently looks an area between the Red River and English, in the region North of the Island, to possibly construct its first church. Also already it makes contacts with other countries of Latin America, mainly Uruguay, country where it would be currently, in its first trip to the Exterior since the arrival to Brazil.
The lawyer counted despite he was for suggestion of it that Soriano chose Florianópolis to live when decided to change itself for Brazil, in reason of the natural beauties and the proximity with law office, that is in Porto Alegre. The objective of the change of country, according to Abdo, would be the disposal of the church to extend the performance area.
– At least a time per day I indicate Florianópolis I eat place for investment to some foreigner. Much people of the Rio Grande Do Sul not if adapta the Florianópolis, but for who come of are of the country are perfect – the lawyer comments.
The contact between the two occurred for the presence of the office of law in different countries, explained Abdo.
– Our office has representation in the world all. All day appears people of the Suriname, Sri Lanka, Japan, China. We are very common to appear the most diverse things, in the most diverse areas. Marriage, pension, separation. She had never heard to speak of the church, but they had brought all the skillful documents and nothing that runs away from any standard.
(fabio.bianchini@ diario.com.br)



Pardon for the poor translation. Clearly, though the mansion was in florianopolis worth R$ 2,5 million whatever that means. Enemies of faith esp members of INC utilizes this fact for a ravenous assault by claiming Bro Eli has inappropriate luxurious type of living when in fact, our houses of worship are limited to mere low cost housing. But is it just the fact that a mansion give them hell of a problem and not considering the present circumstances that Eli Soriano faced during when he made the purchased, that must be the basis of any assessment? It is public record that Bro Eli exiled in Brazil, a higher cost of living than Philippines I assumed. Therefore houses there available for purchase with regards to hazard-free environment are at a higher cost.

Here is how I debunked the black propaganda:

Show us, before you malign us, that there were available lower cost housing than the mansion with regards to hazard-free environment at the time of the purchase, sufficient to house probably at least or a maximum of 20 people, that Eli should have made as the appropriate choice?

If none, then shut up, bec you’re making conclusion for public disgust from baseless, incomplete and illogical assessment. 

By the force of circumstances, that Brazil was the chosen sanctuary, necessity to have a low cost housing, as it was, fell on the mansion as a prudent choice and fair for the brethren and in accordance to biblical tenets. It was fair, in the sense that, it was apparently the lowest cost housing necessary for probably 20people and crews. It was a necessity and leaving without other choices than the mansion. It was fair and practical as it was the necessary choice– probably the lowest cost, and appropriate in all aspect, security, purpose, etc… Bro Eli was never a reckless evangelist. He abides by the highest moral code ever found, that as only be explorable in our sect: MCGI.

Now for the propagandists, answer me:

Show us, before you malign us, that there were available lower cost housing than the mansion with regards to hazard-free environment at the time of the purchase, sufficient to house probably at least or a maximum of 20 people that Eli should have made as the appropriate choice?

If none, then shut up, (esp INC) bec you’re making conclusion for public disgust from baseless, incomplete and illogical assessment. Bec if there were no lower costs houses than the mansion, should it not be appropriate if purchase fell on the Brazil mansion, if not, where would they have a headquarter for the ministry? And where should probably at least 20 people stay?
Folks, reconnect with common sense. Do you destroy anyone by impulse and not by empirical sense, with regards to the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If so, then investigate deeper before you intend to destroy something–or the indestructible us. Gets?!

Lastly, the news report say, the house is approximately this price. Approximately. So they don’t know the actual price. It could be much lower. The killing pain for you is:

How much did bro eli pay for the mansion? And what if its a cheap mansion? If not the mansion, where should they stay?

If you cannot answer, then shut up!

The INC members opposing us though have an issue they have to resolve: why do you prefer expensive kapilya over low cost and simple house of worship? Are you not overburdening poor members for abuloy needed for the expensive kapilyas? You could have saved millions more than the price of the Brazil Mansion.



  1. Ano ba ang giniba ng Panginoong Hesu-Kristo nung siya ay nag-katawang tao (let me reiterate, nag-katawang tao… HINDI TAO!)? Hindi baga’t magarang kapilya ng mga romano?!?!!! Pasalamat kayo mga INC at hindi pa kayo naimbento nung mga panahong yaon kundi pati kayo napagalitaan ng Panginoong Hesu-Kristo dahil sa Central niyo. Hiyang hiya naman ang MCGI sa mala-talyer na pinagkakatipunan pero ayaw kasi naming mapagalitan. Eh kayo ba?!??? Eh ang punong ministro niyo ba magkano ang halaga ng C.R. nila sa loob ng barong barong nilang tahanan? Kung makadali kayo sa mansion ni Bro. Eli, parang salat na salat sa pamumuhay ang mga ministro niyo ah.


  2. Maidugtong ko lang din, hindi din naman kasi kay Bro. Eli yun. Kasi kung miyembro kayo ng MCGI at napadpad kayo sa Brazil, at wala let’s say you got into some sort of emergency at wala kayong matuluyan, tiyak na kukupkupin kayo ni Bro. Eli. Alam niyo kasi si Bro. Eli, sa lahat ng problema na kapatiran nadadamay siya. Hanggang sa pambayad sa hospital ng manganganak. Eh sa inyo ba na mga gigil na gigil sa “mansion” ng MCGI sa Brazil, patutulugin kaya kayo sa palasyo ng amo… este ng punong-ministro niyo? Ahuhuhu…


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