Here’s the account: The flood happened somewhere around the mountainous region of Ararat where the ark landed. It was at the top of one of its mountains, most probably Mt Judi, as recorded in the Qur’an.

Wikipedia says:

The Ararat region where the ark rested was obviously in Turkey. You can validate it further for more information about the ararat region. Being the place where the ark rested implies the flood was upon it and its surrounding regions. What makes it a proof against a global flood? It is bec of the fact that earth is an oblate spheroid.

Wikipedia says:

Another source says:

The highest points of the earth is on the equator as it is the bulging point. Turkey was not on the equator but farther away. The countries, as the highest region of the earth are those located at the equator, are these:

Turkey was not among the countries at the highest point of the earth but actually at a far distance on the sloping curvature below the equator.

Wikipedia’s illustration:

This is my proof that there was no global flood bec of the fact that earth was an oblate spheroid. From an empiric point of view, Turkey being below the equator suggests that the equator being the bulging region of the oblate spheroid has a leverage point that is higher than the highest peak of Turkey rationally being at a reasonable distance thereby an obstacle for the flood to overflow towards the other side of the equator. The bulges of the earth would prevent a lower water level from overflowing a mass having a higher point, that is at the equator therefore posing as an obstacle for a global flood.

Think of an inclined plane, or a slope. Water at the lower part of the incline plane cannot overflow over the higher point of the plane. Likewise with an oblate spheroid. Water level at the lower slope–Turkey–cannot overflow over the higher point–equator. The only way for a consistent 5km high flood to be over the earth is if the earth is perfectly circle.

Science attests to it through the centripetal force and centrifugal force. Centripetal force, the pull towards the center is constant on a circle. Centrifugal force as the upward force, as equal in magnitude with the centripetal force must also be constant on a circle. Thus the push and pull force applied on the water is constant on a circle thus consistent water level is only applicable to a circle! Not on an oblate ellipsoid.

Centrifugal and centripetal force, the push and pull force, applied on the earth is constant on a circle, thus water level is naturally curving to a circle. The earth being an oblate spheroid prevents global flood bec water level as high as a mountain would consistently be curving on a circle thus it cannot overflow over the bulge of the earth–the equator, being not a regular part of a circle.***under researched though**

Dictionary says, centripetal and centrifugal have same magnitude as reaction to each other. Rotation shapes the earth. Centripetal and centrifugal force curves the water level into a circle, hypothetically speaking.

From mere observation though, there is no mountain below the equator that is higher than the equator thereby refuting the concept of global flood, unless of course if you could show proof that dismisses my personal observation. Compare the pictures, the oblate spheroid shape in relation to the location of turkey in proportion to the bulging point–the equator. If water is curving on a circle, clearly, global flood was improbable.
The problem though is not whether the flood was scientifically supported or not, its a matter of looking at it, in miraculous terms. What if god intervened for mountains to be flooded yet contained locally?

Such miracle exemplified when he parted the red sea.

Bec if it was global, how could all specie of animals be contained in the ark? Besides, how could animals and creepers adapt to change of temperature through many days or months, toward a temperate region? By miracle, too?! Nope. Bec fact is, mankind was not globally distributed yet as an empiric reality, for a global destruction! No archaeological proof such as bones or boats during those times. Lastly, bec if it was global flood, how could the kangaroo returned to Australia after the ark rested on Ararat or the polar bears to the north pole?


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