Let’s see how this giant and powerhouse religion is actually using humanitarian projects such as free housing for the poor, insincere and hypocritical, as a propandist show-off. In short, a likely front for gain, influence and prestige. Sort of a promotional package for their notorious church. Before that let’s see about its pseudo-charity.


With an apparently underlying motive, they used a likely deception as by far introductory to its apparently real objective–exploiting the poor as lucrative agents of promoting their church. They claimed concern for poverty alleviation through generosity, which goes along its intention of evangelism or spiritual enrichment as the two-fold objective of their Lingap projects. Does it appear genuine? let’s emphasized again:

Why do I say that these seemingly kindness and charity has an apparently underlying motive and this promotional package–housing project– is hypocritical, in terms of really, a sincere charity. A front?

Their real color has been exposed when they tried to be anti-humanitarian to Angel Manalo, instead become inconsiderate scarecrows, that is by playing aggresive, coercive force of depriving Angel of a house that is by an attempt to mercilessly kick-out Angel Manalo from residence through court measure bec of a housing issue and hunches of security threat. The hypocrites were giving houses for the poor but when it comes to Angel Manalo, they suddenly cease from being a considerate, merciful humanitarian powerhouse, and declined to give him housing as necessarily needed?

Charitable? Are you indeed? 

You give housing for the poor but none for Angel, but rather prefer him to be without s house? Its paradox to the cause of your Lingap project. 

Is that not hypocrisy? 

Your humanitarian efforts as actually a farce? Where you humanitarian to Angel by stripping him off a house? Looks like they really love their fellow but do they indeed?

They don’t love Angel in need of a house. Much disappointedly, Angel is their minister’s blood relative. 

Have they acted as real Christians?

James 2:8-9

[8]If ye fulfil the royal law according to the scripture, Thou shalt love thy fellow as thyself, ye do well:

[9]But if ye have respect to persons, ye commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors.

Hello!? Do you love your fellow indeed? What you did to angel manalo is a platform for a realistic view of what really Iglesia NI Cristo is, in terms of sincere humanitarian endeavor, that is, a hypocrite. Matt7:12 is a direct assault to the integrity of your charity works, destroying its credibility, by how you have acted as extractor of residential privilege. Matt7:12 says, if you wish anyone or Angel to be in like manner as reciprocal in times of your need,  you should have made the initiative of giving him a house in his dire need. 

You didn’t thus the Lingap project by how it looks, is indeed a pretentious showmanship project. What do you call someone exhibiting anti-humanitarian attributes toward someone but as though, a real public servant? 

Hypocrite! Pretender ! Pseudo-christian!



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