Why do you force civilians, innocent war captives to serve you as slaves, to do coercive manual labor, taking away their freedom, mental, psychological, emotional and physical freedom even their dignity and freewill, making them a lower form of citizens, forced in that low level status, when the only thing they were was, as innocent civilians?
There is no equality between master and slave.

Quran 16:75, 71

Slaves are lowly commodities.

You forced and degraded innocent people to mere slaves! Forced and coerced! Its injustice! You force innocent people to be Muslim servants and you as the convenient belly-flexing, snoring, fattened lords, as first class inviolable citizens? Looks vile, ain’t it?

Again, its injustice!

Captives are war booty, properties, whether you’re civilian or a civilian, you would be forced as war booty, slaves! Why? Why would you oppress innocent people to forced labor diminishing them to mere slaves? What did they do? They’re merely civilians! They did not oppressed you for them to deserved forced submission.


War captives, no matter how innocent, are forced to be slaves. They are war booty. They are the ones said as “the right hand possessed”,

Sahih Bukhari excerpts:

What the right hand possessed are war captives. These are intended as slaves.

Quran 33:50

Wikipedia says:

An example of a war captive that was forced to be a slave was a jew named Rayhana, future wife of muhammad, who was forced to become muslim bec of the impending hardship of being a slave. 

Therefore, it was Islamic to force war captives to a life of forced labor, non-consensual, mentally abrasive submission. Why mentally abrasive? Note: these muslims massacred your families, husbands and children, orphaned you to be their slave.  Who among innocent civilians would want a life like that: undignified forced labor, against freewill, no real freedom, and all bec they were innocent non-combatant war captives ? What did these civilians do?Nothing! They are mere innocent people, yet greedy, and tyrant Islam degrades them and oppressed them through forced labor. Oppressive Islam playing tyrant. Where is your regard for human rights and welfare, freedom and humanity?

Why do you force people to serve you? Therefore any apparently good treatment you applied on them are mere hypocrisy. Its like dragging an innocent man behind bars then pampering him with good food and warm clothings, but the mere fact that you put him behind bars, restricting her mental, psychological, emotional and physical liberty is more than you oppressed her. 

Let’s look at one of those pretentious concern for slaves–front for the initial sadistic (seems like) dictatorship. You forced them to be slaves, Muslims, now you carress them? Sort of sadism in certain aspect–the forcible slave status imposed on civilians!

What is there alibi? Why do they practice forced slavery?

Muslims: Oh, but the bible is likewise condoning slavery! Yes, Allah is good! He makes Muslims the best of human beings otherwise be ye apes! uhh!?

Eh!? 👇

That refers to marrying captive and slave women. Noone must be forced to marry another. That as a principle is likewise the standard procedure regarding slavery. Noone must be forced to be a slave. It must depend from the respondent’s decision. Whatever it is it must be respected. If she wants or not to be a slave it must be by her free consent as it say,

Now Muslims, tell us, which innocent people did you not oppressed through forced labor?


If slaves do that, to oppose, what happens?

Muslims: We are kind to them! huhu!


Meaning if a slave resist slavery and is insolent beat her, but don’t beat your wife in like manner as you beat your slaves, if she too is insolent.

There. Now you know. The question is: Why do you force civilians to serve you? Its like dont insult muslims, or muhammad or allah, bec they’re the best human beings, they force slaves to feed their fattened belly–they have to be respected bec they are the best human beings or else….

Lastly, for reflection:

Ecclesiastes 3:17-18

[17]I said in mine heart, God shall judge the righteous and the wicked: for there is a time there for every purpose and for every work.

[18]I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the sons of men, that God might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts.



  • ⛔  This is not Charlie Hebdo™

Note: my sources are screenshot from various sites. If you doubt it, you can do intensive validation personally.


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