As we all know, Iglesia ni Cristo, as an institution attacked its religious archrival, mcgi, through unprecedented 10+ libel court cases against our minister, bro eli soriano. 

I am just wondering. Is there consistency with this kind of treatment as necessary responses from allegedly offensive statements even from shallow, superficial invectives such as in the case of bro eli saying, a whore prostitutes through her organ while you prostitutes through your mouth being a verbally bad mouth, referring to a lame-minded minister? Though it was not a court case but a retaliatory action through MTRCB to halt eli’s TV program, it was still, in like manner how libel cases were made, that is bec of shallow and minor offenses. 

Was there consistency, that INC always resort to this kind of lame and diversionary religiosity suing apparently malicious attackers of their church, even pointlessly, towards overkill? If none, how come bro eli was abused with multiple senseless lawsuits? Was it bec they were trying to prevent him from totally demolishing their doctrinal integrity? Thus the need to make desperate measures in desperate times through prejudice?

Its overkill. Who else did INC sued in like manner, an overkill™?

If none, apparently, its a transparent and clear testament that reflects the seemingly implication: INC resort to prejudicial self-preservation. They cannot tackle doctrinal damage thus resorting to unfair damage control.

In short, its a testament of abuse and evasion from doctrinal issues.

Why do I say so?

They did not sue this one that lambasted their church, maliciously, more than the nature of bro Eli’s alleged offense. 

Let’s think for awhile folks! Only soriano was charged with 10+libel cases? But this one, who abused them beyond the scope of Eli’s alleged offense, was never sued?

Or if it was, let us know!


It say,


Now, tell us, if there was no premeditated plan to persecute and destroy or even kill bro eli soriano as he claimed, how would you justify the 10+libel cases he was distinct to endure while those that negatively highlighted erano manalo as exploiter and, profiteer scheming from a business institution with the guise of a religion was never been touched?

Now tell us, am I correct?

Were they charged or prosecuted? Or were they silenced?

Vindicate yourselves but does it matter?

If not, it would always be doubtful how come 10+libel cases, an overkill, was charged against eli soriano while a more serious offense was apparently bypassed?

Lastly, whoelse did you charged in like manner, an overkill?

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