Bro Eli, I don’t intend to apostate myself from MCGI, as I revealed in my blog, I was baptized Sept 29, 2000, but my name is missing in the MCGI records. Even if brothers and sisters reject me and despite you calling me an impostor once, my heart is fixed, I will never detach myself from the church, specially now, that I have proven to myself with infallible proof that this is indeed the true church. Notwithstanding the fact that the calling in my heart has never change despite the debilitating schizoprenia i have, that forced me to be inactive. My baptism of fire. Faith never died, it become stronger. Its immutable. Strong and certain!

Nevertheless, being inactive, I have my own biblical concepts which if perfected, I believe it would equally be MCGI. On the meantime, I’m undergoing the process of perfecting these concepts, god willing. This is my wish, to learn true doctrine even by myself through divine guidance.

I hope noone would feel betrayed if sometimes, actually sporadically,  I vocally, expressed opposition to what Bro eli preach but it doesn’t mean, I am against the truth or Bro eli as my minister and messenger of god.

Let’s look at my sporadic opposition like this:

We could be both in a condition wherein, this condition is biblically in right context,  in the sense, that truth has sometimes different angles all of us are immersed in, playing different parts of the truth as it was intended to convene to the fulfillment of the new covenant–the perfection of knowledge.

Please understand my point as we go along.

Bro eli said:

Bro Eli is right, God is not a god of contradictions. His words don’t contradicts. Yet nowhere did he guarantee that his preachers/ministers are infallible or inerrant. 

Mcgi has itself too records of amending doctrines. So being the true church, it validated the biblical reality of the church yet imperfection. I hope Bro eli would take mine as mere suggestion and not actually as rebellion or an attempt to destroy him. I am doing this as collaborative way of perfecting the truth, if ever bro eli would consider mine, if by a chance, my thought of the church as yet impure is true. If not may god enlightens me!. I believe the church is undergoing the process of perfection as silver is purged 7times by fire so as it say,

Being under the process of refinement, there would still be impurities, that needed correction, that is for perfection.

As prophesied, there would be a time of correcting errors as understanding would inevitably come.

We have not come yet to that point of perfect understanding, so as I believed. There is no guarantee yet of perfect understanding. If there is, Bro eli should have been a perfect man, inerrant and infallible. But then his accusation against INC’s flaws is undermining the reality that if INC is the true church, it could still be undergoing yet the process of refinement as predicted by Zechariah and Isaiah, therefore the necessity to rectify errors is a necessity, thus errors in doctrines are not actually valid reasons to falsify a church, given the argument that if they are the true church they could still be purifying itself from errors so as prophesied.

Therefore, we cannot falsify a church by its errors.

MCGI likewise, has share of amending doctrines.

I was attending church service in cubao year 2000. We prayed by kneeling like catholics. Lately, I heard bro eli attacking catholics of their way of praying, kneeling down, and during these times, he amended the church’s praying posture to prostration.

Likewise, we didn’t pray towards the east then. Now, he amended it.

He also changed the name of the church used by bro perez by specifically, substituting suhay with saligan.

That is some I could reliably attest.These proves the imperfection of the church. Errors must be rectified. 

Thus, it is inappropriate for fault-finding when we likewise wasn’t flawless. 

This is not as an insult or contempt. A subordinate having nerves to oppose his leader when dutibound he must submit. Nevertheless, submission to a leader is not implied as total submission when nothing, even a slight provocation for contrast, as means of suggesting something for consideration is allowed. We are one body that concerns for every part for edification. If you would hate me for suggesting something adverse to the norms, then there is no true brotherhood. If you condemn me inconsiderate of my thoughts, you don’t consider me as one of you. 

The church is a church of fellowship where everyone’s thought is either appreciated or corrected. If not, it would be authoritarian!

Even then, even if you reject me, what harm is there for me? You should be thinking of yourselves. You might be doing harm to yourselves.

But then, if everything is by faith, what basis do I have to oppose my minister?

Am I authorized?

I believe so. Let me justify.

TO STRIVE WITH WORDS FOR PROFIT! Is this not the very essence of debates, bible expo and likewise consultation?!

This I believe gives me right to strive with bro eli with words that when settled would be for profit. Thus I have right to oppose him for a better consequence: the establishment of truth, tested as silver! Bec for this matter we are Christians, intended to care where love’s inevitable pursuit is perfection. 

I am doing this for one purpose, for the establishment of the truth in its perfect state, if possible.

If I am wrong, at least I could say, I did my obligation as a christian, that is, to care, to love for the church, according to the level of my understanding and the opportunity of circumstances god gave me as effective Christian.

For the love of god!


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