First of all, let me remind you of the fact that this hypocritical church, unmasked, as obscene, malicious and defamatory, not to say the least, deadly, or if not, has high probability to kill as hinted by their oppressive character exalted as virtue and the vindictive, criminal behavioural pattern they have as public record.

You have to note the fact how they are anti-human rights advocates  in such a manner that they prefer defamatory actions than a person’s dignity such as how they maliciously maligned bro eli soriano by promoting porn komiks on TV that portrayed him in acts of sodomy even though without any legal confirmation from any court or legal body that indeed such sodomy is true but simply, doing it in retaliation after bro eli has demolished the core foundation of their faith, initially through their TV exchanges of biblical arguments somewhere in 2000-2002.

Secondly, as abrasion of that demolition, they retaliated by 10+ court cases of libel which alleged offences if analyzed from a logical view are simply, insignificant and light, as to its essence of weight.

Thirdly, they edited videos of bro eli to portray him in a negative fashion and proudly, as though a good christian, attacked him verbally in that essence of fabricated lies and deception.

Fourthly, they summoned for the Abu sayyaf to track eli divulging his whereabouts.

Fifth, they threatened him live on TV, to have a funeral service fetch him from the airport, with red carpet and candles, and as though to make it appear moral, laugh and chided, “rest in peace!”…

These facts are consistent nature of that church in regards to its treatment of bro eli, though they seem to appear like meek sheep, doing charitable works and humanitarian efforts for the needy but in essence sugarcoats by that charade of loving their fellowman, which in essence, is just a show, bec of the intermittent manner how in many times they oppressed us, THE CHURCH OF GOD or mcgi, their most formidable archrival.

Much so that lately, they oppressed even their own family members like angel and Lottie manalo, siblings of their leader, the Cain of modern times, Eduardo manalo.

Let us look and ponder on these realities, as illustrated below.

Brute force was used trying to expel Angel and company. Humanitarian efforts were absent but conceited, power-showy bully dominated the INC domain in that effort to embodies its church identity–or notoriety– a powerhouse.

The true church however has these distinction:

2 Corinthians 9:7
[7]Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give(contribution, gospel, JUDGMENT) not grudgingly, or of ANAGKE (constraint or force) for God loveth a cheerful giver.

Philippians 2:15
[15]That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world;

Luke 3:14 Do violence to no man

Obviously, true Christians never use force to express its faith such that he must not be forced to do anything or use force to impose his faith likewise judgment. Brute force as evidently applied to Angel’s expulsion by INC is a testimony of unchristian behaviour.

2 Corinthians 9:7
[7]Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give(contribution, gospel, JUDGMENT) not grudgingly, or of ANAGKE (constraint or force) for God loveth a cheerful giver.

It is conclusive therefore to have an impression that INC is a conceited, megalomaniac, power-showy, bully and atrocious, human right violator and most prominently an oppressor.

Refer below for their defense ⬇

They argued, no demolition happened. Let us say, its true, though its a matter of claims. It appears like his word against their word. But however, it was, there was no humanitarian effort for family members to at least have privilege of humanitarian consideration consistently as necessary. Yet considering their statement, their unwillingness to prove their side but instead putting the burden of proof on angel is clearly a manifestation of evasion. Why won’t they vindicate themselves? Is not video taping it so hard to prove there was no demolition?

INC we doubt you. Unwilling to vindicate oneself? Heh!?

What were there alibi for the expulsion?

The reason for the expulsion measure (coercion) was bec of paranoia, suspicion and presumption of security threat. Thus they were asking, don’t we have any right to protect ourselves? Therefore, they took grave measure to alleviate their paranoia through legal means. May I ask, do you expel a tenant bec of unproven doubts of security threat?

Bec you’re paranoid, you have to coerce one to leave residence? Legal or not, it was coercion. Coercion in the sense that, there was no compulsory reason to do so but bec they base it on impulsive, reckless, delusive presumption of security threat and bec you were delusional? It was yet unproven that there was threat of any kind.

1 Thessalonians 5:21
[21]Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

Beside the fact that there was yet an active court order allowing them to stay.

Now, where is the christian principles applied in these brutal actions, to expel someone in need of a house bec of mere presumption, suspicion or delusion? Its unfair.

Where was bullying in these, power-showy and oppression?

Clearly, they were coerced to evacuate, by legal means or not, there was no justifiable reason. Its inhumane knowing these are your blood relatives. They are somehow family–a responsibility in times of need. It makes your charity works seems a front.

What is the reason, angel and co. must be expelled? It is as they say, Angel was harboring what appears to be in “battle mode” hothead who were trained in the military to kill. What? You based judgment from “what appears” to be in battle mode as reason for expulsion? WHAT APPEARS! that is the core reason for expulsion. It is presumption of evil. Thus, as they admitted, there relentless action was bec they suspect they are under security threat. THEREFORE MANALO WAS EXPELLED BEC INC GUESSED THEY WERE UNDER THREAT BEC SOME ALLEGEDLY HOTHEAD WAS IN THE PREMISES, SUCH THAT, IT ENDANGER SECURITY!  But why expel Angel and not prevent the allegedly notorious persons and blocked away?

How was he a hothead?

According to this ➡

He was a magdalo who fought the government. He pointed a gun to an INC. He was charged with frustrated murder and direct assault. (What’s that got to do with angel?!)

Being that, as reason enough, INC believed they were under threat. Thus the necessary injunction for expulsion. Sufficient reason? If so, what makes angel liable for expulsion even with the fact that he harbored hothead/s? Was it fair knowing that he’s a family?  INC said suspicious masked men were in the premises. So? Masked men are everywhere. Motor rider, passengers, commuters etc…so what’s with it? Suspicious ? Yes! But certainly, they are assassins? Or villains?

The mere fact that INC lacked solid proof to support security threat, as certain, it makes it look like they did drastic offensive just bec of suspicion, delusion and paranoia, whereas the fair thing to do was, prove all things as definite and certain. Hotheads as security companions makes you a security threat?! Mama mia!

1 Thessalonians 5:21
[21]Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

Clearly, it was an unfair objective. There was unfair reckless inconsiderate misjudgment. And constraint! And coercion to evacuate against freewill just bec of suspected security threat wherein lack of sufficient proof, prejudiced Angel and co. merely bec of suspicion. Clearly, its an authoritarian kind of movement.

What is that again? Would I not take legal measures for security purposes bec I suspect a hothead is in the premises thus necessarily ejecting an individual presumed guilty as security threat?

Come again? Presumed?

These, are proofs that there was injustice done in the name of religion. Most unfortunately though to a blood relative.

Love. Sigh!

Lastly, I would want to inform you that many of the libel cases were decided in favor of bro eli, he was still in Brazil propagating the gospel, and I believe until that time that he is secure from those that wanted to kill him, it is at the most vital need for him, to be at an exile status, at the expense of the two rape cases against him, by someone that joined INC, and being sensationalized to that level of public judgment, wherein, bias is either by ignorance or religion, it is for the best, that he should clarify all these in a future setting.

Ecclesiastes 3:1,11

[1]To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

[11]He hath made every thing beautiful in his time…




    Message from an ex-INC

    As I continue to receive countless emails from the readers, some are praises, some are seeking advice on how to pull their loved ones out of the INCM, some convincing me to go back to their fold and most are nasty curses that usually contains the four lettered word towards my personality.

    I am sorry that my postings sadden you. But sometimes it is necessary to feel bad to avoid a bigger disaster. Let us say you go for a checkup and your doctor says you have cancer. Of course the news is painful and will make you upset and sad. But isn’t it better to know the truth and do something soon to fight the cancer?

    Instead of feeling bad about what I say, read more and see if I am lying. If I am lying then there is no reason for feeling bad. You become convinced that INCM is true and you won’t have to pay any more attention to me than you would pay to a barking dog. If INCM is true and if it is from God, no one can extinguish its light and all my efforts will be frustrated. But if I tell the truth, then you want to know the facts and leave this false cult because it is like cancer and it will eventually kill you. The therapy maybe painful, but it will save your life and you will live more productively.

    So all you have to do now, is to find out whether I lie or tell the truth. This is easy. Read my postings and the future ones and verify my quotes. If I do not back up my claims with facts, if I talk nonsense and without logics, you know I am lying. But if I prove all my claims and no cultist is able to refute what I say, then you know I am telling the truth. Leave INCM and join me and the growing army of ex-INCM cultists so we can fight this lie together.

    If INCM is a lie, it certainly can’t bring you closer to God. The god you are worshipping is not the real God. You don’t have a relationship with God. Even though you think you have a relationship with God, your relationship is actually with Satan. Those who follow blindly the Administration are Satan worshippers. You worship the same demon. You can fool yourself as much as you please, but you can’t change the facts. You don’t want to die and find out you were wrong all your life. That would be too late. You want to find the truth while you are still alive and do something about it. This is not difficult. Truth is very clear. You can prove it with almost mathematical precision.

    Yes if someone tells me my mother was a whore I would be very saddened. I probably would not want to know that because I canft do much about it. If I am an adult, my mother most likely is dead or an aged woman and obviously no more in that profession. So you are right, sometimes it is better not to know the truth. In this case I can’t do anything about it except being hurt and as a good friend you may want to keep that information away from me.

    But what if I discover that my father is a serial rapist/killer or my daughter is a whore? This hurts too but if this is the case I must know this truth because I can do something about it. In the case of my father, he could be hurting and killing innocent people. I must go to authorities and report him. Yes it hurts me a lot but I can’t live with my conscience knowing my father rapes and kills innocent people. My loyalty to him should not come between me and doing the right thing. If my daughter is a whore I may be able to help her. Maybe she has addiction problem and does this to support her addiction; maybe she is in wrong company, maybe she is going through a life crisis or just does not have the right direction. Of course in these cases I must know the truth no matter how hurtful that truth maybe. If I keep my head in the sand and pretend I know nothing, the consequence may be devastating.

    As for Felix, he is nobody to us. He was neither your father nor mine. We certainly owe this man nothing. If he lied, all we have to do is dump him, curse him and spit at his satanic cult. Why this should hurt us? If truth hurts us it is our own fault. This is one such truth that we must know. We have placed our lives and our souls in the hands of a man who was a liar, a fornicator, a lustful womanizer, a plunderer, a rapist, and a hateful bigot. How foolish of us! He is not our father or anything to us. We just chose to believe in this monster. Some chose to believe in the lies of Jim Jones, some chose to believe in the lies of David Koresh, some chose to believe in the lies of Ruben Ecleo, some chose to believe in the lies of Hitler; we chose to believe in the lies of Felix. We can easily stop believing in him and go back to our lives. Believing in this man and his lies is hurting us a lot. Many political decisions and elections in the Philippines are skewed because of the Administration influenced by the lies of this false prophet. The myth of considerable block voting is used by the administration during the elections in exchange for “something” in favor of the cult administration once the supported(or deceived) candidates won the seat. The litigation threats and bigotry continue once you say not so flattering about felix and the INCM administration. Members are psychologically abused in INCM because of this man’s lies. This is not the kind of lie we would be better off if we did not know about. This is the kind of lie that is hurting us and is endangering the freedom of speech. This is a lie that we should know stop it.

    Felix is dead. He is burning in hell. But his followers are perpetuating that psychopath’s behaviors and are making their own lives and the lives of others hellish. We can’t let this go on for ever. This lie must end and you, I, and other good people who pretend to be cultists must stop it.

    At first it hurts because you have affection for Felix. But once you realize he was a bad man and he fooled you for his own selfish gain, it won’t hurt you anymore. Truth never hurts, it is the shattering of lies that hurts. Once you know the truth, you will start despising Felix and hate him. Your hurt will be transformed into anger and you want to destroy the cult of that evil monster. You see the hypocrisy of the INCM ministers and the administration and the burden they imposed upon the members and you know they are all victims and victimizers and that is because they have been fooled by this evil man and now they act like zombies. They are people without will and understanding. They have submitted to evil and surrendered to lies. Once you know the truth, you want to help these poor people. You become determined to expose this lie and pull them out of this cult. You don’t do that to hurt these zombies but to bring them back to life and consciousness. You do that because you love them. Stopping someone who is heading to a precipice like a drunkard is not hurting him. Awakening someone and dragging him out of the house in the middle of the night, is not abuse if the house is on fire. Today we must awaken the cultists fast and drag them out of INCM before they blow up this country. We should not pay any attention to their complaint saying you are hurting us by waking us up. They must wake up even if this means shouting at them, throwing cold water on them or hitting them with a stick. Cultists must wake up. We can’t let them continue with this slumber. This is a deadly dream. Their oblivion is destroying lives.

    Please don’t hide your head in the sand because facing the truth is painful. Read the articles in this forum and in 84590 and verify them. Doubt everything I say and make your own research. Read the different versions of the bibles and compare them to the INCM’s favorite bible-the Lamsa, analyze your doctrines and see for yourself I am not making up things. Then once you find the truth, join us and let us help others get out of this burning house. If we keep our heads in the sand and pretend we do not see and do not understand a chaos is going to hit us and this foolish hatred that Felix inculcated in his followers is going to bring further bigotry and hatred. We can’t let a few millions live and die for a lie. You and I, and other pretend cultists are the only people that can stop this.

    No matter how hurtful is my postings to you, read it and verify what I say. If you find me a liar, no harm is done and all you hurts will go away and you will be reconfirmed. If what I say the true, leave INCM and help others to leave it too. You are responsible.

    Don’t flunk.

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